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High art and high culture coupled with comparatively low business and housing costs make Dallas one of the top cities in the USA for starting a business. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many entrepreneurs and companies are motivated to move their business to this bustling city in North Texas. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large-scale organization, using the services of a professional, experienced commercial moving company is essential if you’re planning to relocate your business to Dallas.
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Commercial Moving Challenges

Just like residential moving, commercial moving has its own set of challenges. Moving a business isn’t confined to just transferring your office furniture to another location; the logistics are usually more complex and require a great amount of careful planning. 

The goal is to move your office or business quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime or as little disruption to normal business operations and productivity as possible. One way to do this is through redundant production, which involves making the move in stages and operating in both locations for as long as necessary.

Careful consideration must also be taken if your business needs to move specialized or sensitive equipment and machinery. Some examples of these are computer servers, business files and records, and laboratory equipment. Also, if you move out of your old location but aren’t able to move into your new commercial space immediately, you’d need suitable storage space for your furniture and equipment. 

These challenges might seem daunting, but they aren’t insurmountable. Hiring a professional moving company with an excellent reputation and a team of experienced movers will go a long way toward reducing the stress of moving commercially to a new location.

Local Commercial

Whether you’re moving your office to a skyscraper in Downtown Dallas or your restaurant to an artsy building in the trendy Design District, you’ll find that hiring a professional mover will make relocation much easier. Dallas moving companies such as Muber Me offer both residential and commercial moving services and can assist your company in all aspects of the move, from planning the relocation and cleaning out your previous office to unpacking your equipment and installing them in your new business premises.

Consider the following factors when shopping around for a commercial moving company in Dallas:

  • Moving license. All movers in Texas are required to be licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV). Checking the TxDMV’s Truck Stop website can give you information on a moving company’s status and certificate number.
  • Liability insurance. Licensed movers in Texas should have a basic liability of $0.60 per pound. If a conference table weighing 124 lbs. sustains damage during a move, for example, the mover’s liability is $74.4. However, customers can buy additional coverage if they would like to insure their furniture and equipment for a higher value prior to moving.
  • Services offered. Are services such as packing and assembly/disassembly included in the estimates? What about equipment disconnection and reconnection? Do they require a weight minimum to reserve a move? 
  • Reputation and experience. Online resources such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook are great places to read reviews about the moving companies you’re considering. You can also ask the company for references of recent moves they’ve accomplished for other businesses similar to your own. An excellent moving company should have the necessary equipment and vehicles for relocating your business as well as a team that’s knowledgeable and experienced in commercial moving.
  • Cost. Determine your moving budget and look for companies that can offer the services you need at the price you can afford. It’s also important to use the services of a company that’s upfront about its fees. Hidden fees can be an unpleasant surprise and make the moving experience a negative one.

Planning a Commercial Move

Moving your business to a new location is a labor-intensive process and planning and organizing it well in advance is necessary to ensure a smooth and successful move.

  • Form a moving team. Create a group dedicated to the move and have each member supervise what’s required from their area. Have them conduct regular meetings to keep the employees in their department informed of the move’s progress and to address concerns.
  • Communicate with clients and customers. It’s vital to inform them that you will be moving to a new location and advise them of the status of their business with you during the move.
  • Plan your new space. Designing the layout of your new office or place of business is important to make settling in as easy and quick as possible. Getting a copy of the floor layout or blueprints of your new space will help you plan for details such as storage space, cubicles, and additional walls if needed.

Business relocation often requires teamwork. Aside from your own group of employees, you can also take advantage of the services of a moving company that involves itself in the planning stages of a commercial move. 

Let Muber Me do all of the move and heavy lifting



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