Muber Me: The Best Moving Company in Dallas

How It All Started

Muber Me is the creation of Andres Peirano, who began his career in the moving business with a job at a big company in 2013. However, by 2017 Andres had made the decision to start his own moving company after his employer began raising prices, lowering workers’ wages, and reducing service quality. Firmly believing that he could provide better service at better rates, Andres launched Muber Me, a limited liability company (LLC) in Dallas in 2018. In July of that year, the new company accomplished 65 moves. Since then, Muber Me has served more and more customers, getting rave reviews, and becoming a highly acclaimed moving company in Dallas.

Let Muber Me do all of the move and heavy lifting

Pricing That’s Fair and Straightforward

Muber Me’s flat hourly rate and affordability are two of the many things that satisfied customers love most about the service. Unlike many other moving companies, Muber Me doesn’t mislead or deceive customers with hidden or extra fees. Getting a quote is easy and free and payment can be made via credit card. Military discounts are also available.

Muber Me’s Services

No job is too big or too small for Muber Me. Whether it’s moving a playset from just across the street, transporting merchandise for a furniture distributor, or moving a 2-bedroom apartment from 3rd floor to 3rd floor without the benefit of an elevator, Muber Me gets the job done quickly and precisely. You can take advantage of Muber Me’s extensive slate of services throughout Texas as long as you’re moving in or out of Dallas.

Muber Me also offers related services to make moving as hassle-free as possible. These include:

  • Cleaning your place thoroughly before you move out
  • Eliminating junk and other unwanted items for you
  • Wrapping and packing your items to ensure their safe and secure transport
  • Storing your items and keeping them safe for you until you’re ready to retrieve them
  • Disassembling your furniture prior to the move and helping to reassemble them at the destination
  • Removal and installation of appliances

Muber Me Trucks

A well-maintained fleet of trucks means that Muber Me can take on any moving job, whether large or small, to places near and far. A well-maintained fleet of trucks means that Muber Me can take on any moving job, whether large or small, to places near and far. Customers who already have their own trucks and just need assistance with loading or unloading before and after a move can also take advantage of Muber Me’s labor-only service. Just call the company to set a schedule, tell them about the work that needs to be done, and they’ll send you the number of movers you need.

However, self-driving your own truck or a truck rental comes with a host of risks including getting stuck on mud and hitting gutters. Hiring Muber Me for full service, on the other hand, helps ensure a move that’s stress-free.

The Team

Founder and owner Andres studied at the University of Texas at Dallas and speaks English and Spanish. With 6 years in the moving business and more than 2,000 moves accomplished to date, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Muber Me. He personally knows each employee and remains very much involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, from setting moving schedules with customers to working nearly every moving job that Muber Me gets. 

Mark, the project manager, uses his project management skills to foster a culture whereby projects are created ahead of schedule and under budget. Muber Me’s expansive growth is attributed to his considerable marketing skills. Roman leads the company’s moving teams, and his winning attitude inspires team members to meet Muber Me’s high performance standards.

Exceptional Communication and Professionalism

Whether you need to move ASAP or in a few weeks or months, Muber Me can accommodate you. Communication is a large part of the company’s outstanding customer service, so feel free to call anytime to set a schedule, make inquiries, or address concerns; it’s likely you’ll be speaking with Muber Me’s owner himself. You can also expect a call from the movers before they arrive. Punctuality, quick and efficient work, and the ability to improvise when needed are some of the other things for which Muber Me has received much praise. The movers’ friendly yet professional demeanor, patience, can-do attitude, and enthusiasm likewise impress customers and lead them to highly recommend Muber Me to others.

Let Muber Me do all of the move and heavy lifting



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