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6 Tips To Make Moving Easier, Faster and Stress-Free

Moving is ranked as one of the top 5 most stressful events in life. From planning your move and choosing your mover to stuff packing and unloading, every aspect of moving can leave you overwhelmed. There’s no need to worry though on how to make moving easier because we are here to help. We care for you. That’s the reason we’ve come up with six tips to make your move easier, faster and stress-free. Read on to learn more.

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1. Prepare and plan ahead

Before you do anything, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a plan to keep your move on track. The plan will help you prepare for your move and get you through all phases of moving without too much frustration.

So, you know that proper planning is key to a successful move. But how far in advance should you plan a move? When to start?

It’s best to start planning your move as early as possible, preferably from the moment you decide to move. Depending on a number of factors, you should start planning anywhere between a month to six months in advance.

2. Choose the best moving option

When planning a move, you’ll need to decide how best to move your stuff to your new location. Would you prefer to do it all yourself or hire a professional mover to do all the lifting? This is an important decision that determines the amount of money, time and effort you will spend on your move.

Most people with a busy schedule or those relocating longer distances think of hiring a moving company to do everything for them. While it is often the most preferred option, it is a good idea to understand what it takes to hire a good moving company. Make sure you do your research and compare quotes before agreeing to anything. Hiring a rogue moving company will cost you time, money and worry.

3. Create a moving checklist

Another thing you need to do to make your move run smoothly is to come up with a moving checklist. This is a list of things you will need to accomplish in all phases of moving from planning and preparing your move to the physical process of relocation. 

For instance, a packing checklist will show you how to plan your packing, things you will need to pack your items, what to pack, and how to pack. It will act as a guide to help you know what needs to be done before, during, and after packing.

4. Get rid of stuff you don’t want to move

Before you start packing, you should sort your items and get rid of things you don’t want to move. Leaving behind stuff you don’t want will not only save you time but lessen your moving burden. Regardless, you should always pack the stuff you want to keep.

There are several ways to get rid of things that you no longer use or feel like a burden to you. For instance, you sell them online, host a garage sale, donate to charity, recycle excess items or throw them in the dust bin or dumping site.

5. Hire a professional moving company

Hiring a professional mover will save you a lot of time, stress and hassle on your move. Depending on the amount of possession you have and the distance you want to move, it can be a very smart decision to hire a professional moving company.

Don’t be afraid to get multiple moving estates from multiple track and van rentals or professional movers. This way, you can compare the available options and choose the best fit for your budget and moving needs.

6. Ask your friends and family for help

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family members to help you. If you don’t want to get professional assistance, getting help from friends and family members during the day of moving can make your moving easier.

You need to plan how you can best utilize their help. For instance, you can let them pack up your room, assemble and disassemble furniture, lift heavy items, watch the kids or pack items.

Whether you are moving across town or out of the state, these tips will help you know what you need to focus on or do when you decide to move.

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