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The Ultimate Moving Checklist To Help Plan Your Future Move

According to the 2019 moving statistics revealed by, more than 35 million Americans move each year. Around 29% of these people move to search for a better home, cheaper housing, or to establish their own household. Other reasons cited in the report include job transfer, change in marital status, health reasons, foreclosure or eviction, change of weather, natural disasters, and much more.

Whatever motivates you to move, keep in mind that moving is always hard because it takes your money, time, and effort. To help you organize your move, here is an ultimate moving checklist that you need to keep in mind.

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1. Pre-move checklist (organizational tasks)

You’ve just decided it’s time to say goodbye to a home that you’ve lived in for years. Congratulations. The first thing to make your move run smoothly is to come up with a list of things you need to accomplish before the actual day of moving. An organization checklist will help you know what you’ve already done and what you need to focus on in the next few days. Top in the list of things you will need to co include:

  • Finding the perfect new home for you

  • Paring down your possessions and getting rid of unnecessary items

  • Coming up with a moving inventory and moving budget.

  • Deciding on a moving date

  • Choosing the best mover

  • Informing family, friends, and institutions of your move and your new address

  • Canceling subscriptions, switching utilities and paying up any bills and debts

Having completed all these tasks, you’re ready to embark on your moving adventure.

2. Checklist for Hiring a moving company

One of the hardest parts of moving long distances or out of state is getting your delicate and large possessions from one place to another. In most cases, it makes sense to hire a professional moving company. In fact, approximately 44% of individuals use moving companies when they want to move to another location. 

A professional mover has the expertise, staff, and equipment to ensure you have an easy time moving your possessions. Before you hire a moving company, here are a few checklists you will need to consider:

  • Determine if you really need a professional movers

  • Set up a moving budget

  • Research and compare the movers

  • Fill out a moving quote and compare moving estimates

  • Ask about storage services

  • Check movers’ membership status, USDOT numbers, and insurance

  • Read moving reviews and check overall ratings

  • Make an informed decision

  • Book and confirm your move as soon as possible

3. Do-it-yourself moving checklist

More people make a do-it-yourself moves each year compared to those who use professional moving services. A do-it-yourself move can save you a lot of money on your total moving cost especially when moving short distances.

If you don’t need any professional assistance, here is a DIY moving checklist to help you move as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Ask friends to help you move

  • Secure a moving van and packing materials

  • Get a parking permit

  • Rent or purchase moving and safety equipment

  • Disassemble large and heavy furniture

  • Load the moving truck

  • Secure loaded items

If moving on your own proves to be hectic midway through the moving process, don’t hesitate to get professional assistance from an experienced mover.

4. Packing checklist

Packing your stuff before moving is also one of the most stressful aspects of moving. Froom utensils and clothes to electronics and furniture, there is a huge variety of items that need to be packed safely and securely. The most crucial step is to collect all the moving supplies you’ll need and then systematically packing them one by one until the job is done. Here is a packing checklist that can make the moving process more manageable and stress-free.

  • Assess your packing options

  • Get right size boxes and utilize them according to size

  • Sort out your items

  • Put lighter items on the top of the packing box and heavier items on the bottoms.

  • Make sure there are empty spaces in the boxes

  • Label each box with the description of its contents

  • Tape boxes well to guard your items

  • Get packing assistance from friends or professional packers

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the excitement of getting settled at a new place is accompanied by some stress. This checklist will help you have a smooth, stress-free transition. It will act as a guide to help you know what needs to be done before, during, and after your move.

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