Moving to Dallas: Where Should I Live?

According to a poll, Dallas ranks among the top 20 American cities to move to in 2020. Career climbers, in particular, are drawn to Dallas because of the city’s continuing job growth and its above-average median income. Other factors that make Dallas an attractive place to move to include the good weather, the variety of homes for different budgets, high-quality medical care, and the abundance of culture and entertainment.

Dallas is also home to 34 neighborhoods, and choosing the right one depends on your needs, preferences, and circumstances. Are you moving with young children to Dallas and looking for the right place to raise a family? Do you already have a job lined up and would prefer to live somewhere near your workplace? Maybe you’re a retiree looking for a place to spend your golden years. To give you a clearer picture of where you could potentially live in Dallas, let’s take a look at some of the city’s popular neighborhoods.

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Uptown Dallas

Popular with entrepreneurs and young professionals, Uptown is a dense, pedestrian-friendly district that’s teeming with office buildings, retail centers, hotels, and nightlife zones. Some of the companies with a presence in Uptown include Goldman Sachs, Dean Foods, and Boston Consulting Groups. When it comes to housing, apartment complexes and residential towers dominate. Meanwhile, the townhomes toward the northern area, near Knox Street, are where many professionals in their 30s have chosen to make their homes in Dallas.

Old Lake Highlands

Located in East Dallas, Old Lake Highlands is on elevated land bordering White Rock Lake. The neighborhood, more than 70 years old, features mostly detached, single-family homes. It’s an ideal area for families, with its affordable median house prices, highly rated schools such as Hexter, and plenty of activities for adults and children alike. Some of the neighborhood attractions are the Dallas Arboretum and the Topgolf entertainment complex. Around White Rock Lake, there are picnic areas, a scenic hiking and bike trail, an Audubon Society bird-watching area, and many other opportunities for refreshing outdoor pursuits.

Highland Park

Those seeking an affluent neighborhood might consider moving to Highland Park. Located 4 miles north of downtown Dallas, it’s the third-wealthiest area in Texas in terms of per capita income. The neighborhood’s leafy avenues are lined by palatial homes, many costing well over $1 million. Residents do their dining and shopping at the upscale Highland Park Village, the first self-contained shopping mall in the USA. Highland Park also enjoys the reputation of having some of the best public schools in Texas.

Deep Ellum

Originally called Deep Elm when it was established in 1873, Deep Ellum today is an arts and culture hubspot. It’s home to plenty of arts-based businesses and historic music venues. It hosts the annual Deep Ellum Arts Festival and features a vibrant nightlife as well. Many of the homes in Deep Ellum are detached, single-family houses with a median age of 18 years. When it comes to education, the neighborhood is home to several public schools including North Dallas High School and the Alex We. Spence Talented and Gifted Academy.


The heart of Dallas, the Downtown area is a bustling mix of bars, shops, art galleries, restaurants, and more housed in old buildings that have been transformed into mixed-use developments. The vast majority of residences in Downtown Dallas are rentals. Just a little over 12% of the houses are owner-occupied, with a median value of $337,404. Several highly rated schools can also be found here, including Pegasus Charter High School and Hector P. Garcia Middle School. Many young professionals choose to live Downtown because of factors such as the job market, nightlife, diversity, and ease of commute.


Home to celebrities like musician Don Henly and former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey, Bluffview is one of the wealthier neighborhoods in Dallas. It’s a small neighborhood, with a population of under 5,000. The median home value here is $624,068; most of them are owner-occupied detached, single-family houses. As one might gather from its name, the neighborhood features 50-foot bluffs running along Bachman Creek. The Dallas Love Field Airport lies immediately to the west of Bluffview.

Dallas occupies a prominent place in pop culture, sports, and the business world, and its distinctive neighborhoods are a major part of its charm. Whichever neighborhood you choose for your new home, you can count on outstanding professional moving companies like Muber Me to help you start your new life in Dallas.

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