Moving to Dallas Tips & Information

When it comes to the most popular American cities to relocate to, Dallas ranks at the top. In fact, according to the Brookings Institution, the Dallas metro area recorded the largest domestic migration gains in the USA from 2010 to 2016. Hundreds of people move to Dallas every day. Relocating to a new place is an exciting prospect, but it can also be stressful, particularly if you aren’t fully prepared. Before making any decision regarding moving to Dallas, it’s a good idea to learn and understand a bit better what living in the Big D holds for you.


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Using the services of a highly-regarded local real estate agent helps immensely when you’re looking for a new home in Dallas. To narrow down the search, an agent will usually consider factors such as the buyer’s budget, job location, type of house preferred, and desired amenities. 


The median home price in Dallas is $292,000. When it comes to rentals, a one-bedroom home costs around $1,260 monthly while a 2-bedroom dwelling goes for approximately $1,740. There are plenty of home listings in Dallas, particularly in popular neighborhoods such as Preston Hollow, Far North, North Dallas, Southwest Dallas, and Northeast Dallas. Large apartment complexes, duplexes, single-family detached, row houses, and homes converted to apartments are some of the housing types that are prevalent in Dallas.

Several renowned educational institutions are located within the city limits. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is a top-ranked biomedical science institution while Paul Quinn College is the sole historically black college in Dallas. The University of North Texas at Dallas and Dallas Baptist University are also highly acclaimed educational institutions. When it comes to elementary, middle, and high schools, Dallas-Fort Worth has hundreds, with sixty-nine of them being on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best High Schools 2019 list.

Cost of Living

Texas residents do not pay income tax but the same can’t be said for other taxes. People who live in Dallas pay a sales tax of 8.25%. Also, if you’re planning on buying a home in Dallas, you can expect to pay $19.4 per $1,000 of the home value in property taxes. This means that if the value of your home is $292,000, the property tax would be $19.4 x (292,000/1000), or $5,664.8. 


The Cost of Living Index in Dallas is 68.03, slightly higher than Houston’s (65.13) and San Antonio’s (65.78) but much lower than that of Los Angeles (76.55) and New York City (100). For a clearer picture of the cost of living in Dallas, here’s a look at a few examples of prices in the Big D as of 2020:

  • A 3-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant: $50
  • A dozen eggs: $2.15
  • A loaf of fresh white bread: 2.53
  • Internet (at least 60Mbps, unlimited data, cable/ADSL): $65.80
  • Monthly preschool or kindergarten for 1 child: $886.17
  • Monthly basic utilities (electricity, water, heating, cooling, garbage) for a 915-ft² apartment: $153.44
  • Movie ticket: $12
  • Gasoline: $2.61 per gallon

One of the benefits of living in Dallas, and Texas as a whole, is that residents don’t pay personal income taxes or state taxes. However, when it comes to real estate property tax, Texas has one of the highest in the USA. People who live in Texas also pay a sales tax of 6.25% but since Dallas charges an additional 2%, its residents pay an 8.25% sales tax.


Jobs and Education

Workers in Dallas are paid an average hourly rate of $18.50; a registered nurse makes $31 while a cashier typically gets $9 per hour. The average annual salary is $68,000 and several Fortune 500 companies whose headquarters are in Dallas are also among the area’s largest employers in not only Dallas, but also the nation. These include AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Raytheon, and Texas Instruments.


If you have school-age children, you can choose from a wide selection of public and private elementary, middle, and high schools in various sections of the city including Highland Park, Northeast Dallas, and Southwest Dallas. Meanwhile, those who are pursuing higher education can take their pick from several colleges and universities that are located within the Dallas city limits such as the University of North Texas at Dallas and Dallas Baptist University.

Exceptional Schools and Universities

Summers in Dallas are typically hot and humid, with average high and low temperatures of 95 and 73, and occasionally reaching 102. Winter high and lows are in the 60s and 30s, while fall weather is balmy with average lows of 65 and highs of 87. Light rain isn’t uncommon in the springtime, when the average temperature can hover between 55 and 75.


Commuting in Dallas can take a significant amount of time, particularly during rush hour. Traffic congestion  in DFW can consume many hours. In fact, a Texas A&M Transportation Institute report estimates that each motorist loses 67 hours a year from being stuck in traffic. When it comes to public transportation, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) offers options in the form of train lines, trolleys or streetcars, and local buses. Several kinds of DART passes are available, with varying levels of service that provide value according to the rider’s transportation needs.

Exceptional Schools and Universities

Dallas is a highly cosmopolitan city, offering boundless indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities for people of all ages. Family-friendly fun awaits in venues such as Trinity Forest Adventure Park and Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park. Art and culture enthusiasts will find plenty to see and do at the Dallas Arts District, which is home to esteemed establishments like the Dallas Children’s Theater, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. 

Golfers can take their pick from the city’s beautiful courses, including Tenison Park Golf Course in East Dallas and Cedar Crest Golf Course near Downtown Dallas. Shopping destinations are plentiful, ranging from sprawling malls to charming local stores and boutiques. Venues for drinking and dining are likewise abundant, with offerings that reflect the city’s diversity. Planning to move with your pet? Dallas is a pet-friendly place, boasting numerous dog parks as well as dog-friendly restaurants.

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