Dallas Moving Services

When you are moving in or out of the Dallas Fort-Worth area, Muber Me delivers quality in each of the services provided. Whether you are looking for a full-service local residential or commercial move, packing services, junk removal, post-move clean out, storage, or simply rearranging furniture, our professional movers care for you and your belongings as they would their own family.

Let Muber Me do all of the move and heavy lifting

Local Residential

Let us move your items so you can focus on making your new house a home.  We provide each customer with a stress-free and dang near enjoyable moving experience. You’ll receive top-quality moving services every step of the way from our local Muber Me movers. To make a potentially high-stress event like moving convenient, we also have moving boxes and supplies available. The packing of your valuables is handled with the highest level of care by our experienced moving professionals. Muber Me uses only the best supplies and packing techniques to assure your belongings arrive on the other end in the same condition in which they were packed. For the items you choose to leave behind, we can help you dispose of them properly.

Local Commercial

Just like moving from home to home can be stressful, so can moving offices. We’ll move anything from a desk and a chair to an army of cubicles. Employees often take the brunt of the stress while changing business locations. Allow us to take care of your commercial moving needs so that your employees can continue to do what they do best, take care of your business.

Move Clean Out

Let us do your move out cleaning so you can move the focus to the other end of your move. Don’t worry about leaving a mess behind, we do move out cleaning. After we leave your now empty space, you’ll want to rename Muber Me, “Muber Clean.” Nothing goes unnoticed by our detail-oriented staff. From reaching the tippy tops of cabinets to scrubbing floors on hands and knees, not a dust bunny nor a cobweb is safe from our brutally thorough cleaning team. 

Storage Services

When you have too much stuff for your space, we will store it for you. Maybe you are a college student studying abroad or home for the summer. Maybe a life transition has left you with too many things for the space you have but you’re not quite able to get rid of it. Whatever the scenario, let Muber Me keep your valuables safe until you’re ready to use them again. We have a variety of storage options to meet any of your storage needs.

Junk Removal

For the items you decide you can live without, Muber Me gets rid of the junk. From basement declutters to estate cleanouts, we will move it. Envisioning a junk-free future is not out of the question, in fact, we make it easy! Let our strong, efficient movers clear it out so you can reclaim your space or move on to the next place. Please, allow us to haul it away.

Professional Packing

Let us pack your precious memories so you are free to make more. Packing may be the most time consuming and frustrating part of the moving process…especially when it seems the stuff just keeps on appearing. You don’t know how much stuff you actually have until it is time to move. Let Muber Me pack for you. Please, have a seat while our movers wrap-up and pack-up your treasures. We’ve packed it all from wall art to exercise machines, clothing to fine china, and from dining tables to dressers. We’ll pack it right so it is as beautiful on the other end as it was when it was packed.

Our Trucks

After packing your belongings in boxes and quilt-wrapping your furniture, we’ll pack it snuggly into the perfect size truck for your move.  No matter the size of your move, we have a truck, or fleet of trucks, to match. Whether you’re moving from a studio apartment, family home, or even a warehouse, Muber Me has transportation to fit the job. 

Muber Me Movers

From small moves to large, we have the right movers to meet the need. Each and every mover works to the standards of Muber Me which was founded to keep integrity in the moving business. The owner of Muber Me personally knows each of his employees. That assures a level of performance unmatched by the bigger moving companies. Each employee is trained to deliver customer service just as pristinely as your valuables.

Let Muber Me do all of the move and heavy lifting


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